What we offer

Parish Eucharist

9.30 Every Sunday & 10.00 am Thursdays

9:30 am every Sunday.  This is quite a formal service, including Holy Communion.  It has a set liturgy (order of service) and includes a wide range of new and traditional music.  Everyone is warmly welcomed.

Midweek service.  10.00am Thursday.  This is a short quiet service of Holy Communion

All Age Services

2nd Sunday of every month at 11:15am

The all age service is a friendly, inclusive service for people who wish to explore their faith journey in God through Jesus. It is for all generations providing a safe space to come together to connect with God.  People come “as they are” and “where they are at” and “to just be us”.  It is very informal.  You will be welcome and there is always room at our table.  We finished with a light meal and enjoy friendship.

 Prayer and praise fourth Sunday of the month 11am a very informal service for praise and prayer.  This is an opportunity to praise God and pray for the  church and community.  Everyone is welcome.

Live Streamed

9.30 Every Sunday

Our 9.30 Sunday Parish Eucharist service is streamed right here on the site or on our Youtube channel  where all previous  live streamed services can be found.   This link can be found here.

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