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The Peace I Leave with You

The peace! Thou pale despised Christ!  nailed to the cross that crowns the world in agony?  No peace of home was thine;  no rest when the day’s work was done.  When darkness called the world to sleep and veiled the sun.  No children gathered round your knee,  no hand soothed care away:  thou hadst not where to lay thy head at close of day. 


What peace was thine?  Misunderstood, rejected by thine own,  pacing thy grim Gethsemane, outcast and alone.  What peace hadst thou to give the world?  There is enough pain;  always upon my window beats  the sound of rain.


The source of sorrow is not dried, nor strays the stream of  tears, but winds on weeping to the sea, all down the years.  For millions come to Golgotha to suffer and to die,

 forsaken in their hour of need, and asking, why? Man’s Vis Crucis never ends, earth’s Calvaries increase,  the world is full of spears and nails but where is peace?


Take thy cross and follow me I am the way, my son, Vis Crucia, Vis Pacis meet and are one.   G.A.Studdert Kennedy

Revd Jill Keir






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