4th December 2022

Jill’s Jottings:
Leo Tolstoy wrote this in “How I came to believe”.
I remember one day in early spring I was listening to the
sounds of the wood, and thinking only one thing, the
same thing of which I had constantly thought for two
years, I was again seeking a God. I said to myself, “It is
well, there is no God, there is none that has a reality
apart from my own imaginings, none as real as my own
life—there is none such. Nothing, no miracles can prove
there is only exist in my own unreasonable imagination.
And then I asked myself, “But my conception of the God
whom I seek, whence comes it?” And again life flashed
joyously through my veins. All around me seemed to
revive….I remembered that I had lived only when I
believed in a God. As it was before so it is now; I had only
to know God, and I lived. As it was before so it is now. I
had only to know God and I died. What was this
discouragement and revival? I do not live when I lose
faith in the existence of a God; I should long ago have
killed myself if I had not a dim hope dim hope of finding
him. I only really live when I feel and seek him. “What
more then, did I seek?’ A voice seemed to cry within me,
“This is he, he without whom there is no life! To know
God and to live are one. God is life. Live to seek God and
life will not be without him. And stronger than ever rose
up life within and around him. And stronger than ever
rose up life within and around me and the light that then
shone never left me again.
Reverend Jill

27 November 2022

Jill’s Jottings:
In a book entitled ‘Never on a Sunday‘ in a passage called
‘Judgement’ Ron Dale wrote:
The Day of Judgement for me as a child in the 1940’s
happened when my father came home on leave from the
In his absence my brothers and I used to give my mother
some difficult times. Having to care for three growing boys
can’t have been easy for her. Though when I look back, I
can’t remember times when we misbehaved. It was just that
there were three of us to get up in the morning, get
breakfast for, put the right clean clothes out for and make
sure we were off to school in good time. On top of all this
there was shopping, cooking, cleaning and family squabbles
to sort out. Sometimes in exasperation she would say,
”I’ll be glad when Dad comes home on leave. He can deal
with you.”
That was what we feared most. We would all be in bed when
suddenly he would arrive. We heard the door slam, the kit
bag dumped and the murmur of conversation as Mum
poured out her heart to him. Then came judgement………
Father would enter our room and without a word would give
us all some hard slaps on our bare backsides. Well any
good father disciplines his children; it’s a sign of his love.
So also with God our heavenly father.
As one New Testament writer puts it: God’s correction is
always right and for our best good, that we might share his
holiness. In other words, that we might live as his children
should, in faith and love……do you?
Reverend Jill

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